20 Minute Yoga for Flexibility | Level 1

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    This level-1 yoga for flexibility sequence is designed to stretch a little bit of everything with basic hatha poses and longer holding yin-style releases. Perfect for getting limber after a week of doing pilates workouts for the 21 day #PilatesSummerSeries challenge!

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    28 Replies to “20 Minute Yoga for Flexibility | Level 1”

      1. The first time I followed this video I had to take a break 3 times. The second time, I only breaked once. Keep working at it. 😉

    1. Hi there! I have to say, your yoga videos are the easiest to follow, thank you for posting these! I do have a question…I started taking an actual yoga class about 8 weeks ago but Im only able to go once/twice a week, which is why I started supplementing with videos at home. But my legs still shake so badly, even during simple moves like downward dog, as do my arms. Its embarrassing, lol, is that normal? And any advice on how I can try and counter that from happening? Thanks!

      1. SarahBethYoga I’ve never been flexible. And I’m 18. Do u think that this specific video can help me get flexible enough to start doing splits and how much training would I need to complete to reach that goal?

      2. Hey Cynthia~ I’m a lover of Sarah Beth’s yoga too! Other than my SB (Sarah Beth) nightly bedtime yoga practice, I always start any workout, yoga or otherwise, with one of SB’s warm-ups. Right now I’m really loving her Basic Warm-up because you start off in Extended Childs’ Pose, move into Cat/Cows and then Sun Salutations As. It is a gentle progression from non-movement to flow. I find that doing this warm-up helps get me… well, warmed-up and more ready for more work. I still shake sometimes but at not as badly. Also, just because a movement is “simple” doesn’t mean it is “easy.” Good luck!

      3. It’ll take some time for your body to get used to your regular practice. Don’t be hard on yourself 😉 We all started as beginners and over time gained flexibility, strength and physical grace. If you practice more often, or increase the length of y our practices you’ll just speed up your own growth. Enjoy the journey, they say. 🙂

      4. I have actually been easing my way in at home with 20 min videos, so you recommend me trying the longer ones? I will check out your 30 min & 1 hour videos and will definitely try warrior strength practices. Perhaps one day I can manage to look as graceful as you but I’m a long way sways lol! Thank you so much and again your videos are by far my favorite 🙂

    2. хорошее видео поставил лайк. Я тоже люблю растяжку , кому нужна растяжка будет очень приятно если оцените моё видео.

    3. Thank you for this great workout. Enjoyed it this morning. Wasn’t feeling great the last day or two. This little bit got me energized. You have a new subscriber. 🙂

    4. Can you list the poses? There are a few that I want to practice, and ensure I am doing correctly, before doing the video again.

      1. Go through the video again and write down all the poses youre not sure about. She says them all. Most of learning will be making small adjustments yourself and noticing what you feel and where you feel it. You can look like youre doing the poses perfectly and not actually get the best stretch out of it.

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