30 Days of Yoga – Start Here

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    Welcome! Thank you for joining for the 30 Days Of Yoga experience! Watch this video before you begin! For the free daily email, sign up here:

    It includes helpful ideas and tips to support you on your journey! Today we begin with this video! Tomorrow – DAY 1 of YOGA.

    As we transition into the New Year I already feel great about the idea of practicing for 30 days straight. I feel excited about challenging myself, connecting to myself and learning something new. I am grateful that my body is able to move, that my breath is capable of deepening and I love that I will be doing it with so many others, around the globe.

    The hardest part each day will likely be getting on the mat. Make time. Stay focused and choose to make the experience your own. This 30 Day practice is intended to support you in finding what feels good in the New Year. So, though it may be challenging to make time for your practice – just do it – knowing that it is okay to adapt, change, modify, rebel and do your own thang at any time.

    But get on the mat.

    Take conscious breaths and stretch each day as a way of connecting to your intentions, your big picture and ultimately, complete wellness.

    Why not? Let's reach for the stars!

    Go Deeper with other goodies to support you on your journey + donation based downloadable versions of the videos so you can practice anytime, anywhere:

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    31 Replies to “30 Days of Yoga – Start Here”

    1. I am so grateful for this challenge! I love yoga! I love this channel and I feel like this is the perfect way to start 2015! Thank you!

      1. +Yoga With Adriene Thank you SO much for doing this series, its exactly what I need! What the world needs actually. Absolutely love this.

    2. I just completed my 30 days of Yoga without skipping a day! I’m proud of myself! I feel stronger and more confident! Thank you for making this experience worth it!!! Now on to my next Yoga challenge! Can’t wait!

    3. I’m staring this in October so I can do it all throughout the month. I’ll do that Yoga for Complete Beginners on the 1st and then the #30daysofyoga for the remainder of the month. very excited

      1. Emily glad I’m not the only one trying this a year (plus) later! Lol. Nice knowing others will be where I am πŸ™‚

      2. +PolliitoAle I did it this morning and either it was a lot harder for Day 1 than I was expecting, or I am that much out of shape. LOL Either way, I’m looking forward to the video tomorrow.

    4. Thank you for making the foundation of yoga poses, especially breaking down the pose into steps. It makes me feel safe and gently ease my beginner body into yoga. Thank you so much. As of today, I made progress into three-leg downward dog.

    5. Thank you Adriene for such an inspiring practice- I just finished 30 Days of Yoga and have moved on to Yoga Camp. I’m thinking of this as 365 Days of Yoga now. πŸ™‚

      A tip to those just starting: consider keeping a journal of how you feel everyday after your practice. On my first day I noted stiffness in my lower back and dull pain in my right hip when I extended my legs. My first week I had difficulty with balance poses. Within a few weeks these issues I’ve had for years are gone- no joint pain, no back stiffness, no difficulty stretching or bending. Still working on my balance poses and seeing improvement in that, too. Keeping a journal helped me see the gradual change in my physical strength and flexibility and the emotional benefit of a daily practice. I wake up looking forward to my time for me. Good luck on your journey!

    6. One thing I wish your videos had was a reminder for everyone to drink water after the practice… Most people don’t drink enough as it is. But especially after a workout is really important! I love doing yoga with Adrienne!

    7. Woke up this morning excited for this!!! 2015, people!!! Let’s bend and stretch it out πŸ˜›

    8. You are so generous to do this! My husband just said he’d finally like to do Yoga after a few other men told him it will help his loosen his stiff carpenter body. I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! I have wanted to do yoga for so long and have done it a couple of times. I LOVE IT and am SO GRATEFUL to you for this!! Thank you <3

    9. You are amazing…I’m on day 20 and I feel great…I can’t wait to do the practice every day and it’s so inspiring…I love that every day is different I don’t get tired of the same practice …You made me love yoga and I hope I’ll keep up…I can’t wait to do all your programs

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