Homemade Yoga Mat Spray (Tutorial)

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    DIY Yoga Mat Spray! Adriene shares her favorite homemade yoga mat spray recipe. Simple and yummy and sure to inspire you back to the yoga mat. A little goes a long way with this fun at home recipe! Also really great as a room freshener! Use on your pillow or even in la toilette! This bottle of love also makes a great gift! Check out the Whole Foods Market YouTube channel to view my video-blog journey to collect items to make my spray – plus a treat for Benji, of course.

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    32 Replies to “Homemade Yoga Mat Spray (Tutorial)”

    1. This was really inspiring! Talking about those scents brought back some super vivid sense memories for me so I’m definitely going to have to get back into aromatherapy now! Thanks Adriene!

      1. Tomy Sonnier Try Walmart…there should be some in the acne section and in the medical section they have the generic one.

    2. You can use vinegar in place of the witch hazel. The vinegar will clean the mat. The essential oils/water will cover the smell.

    3. I love the little jokes you have with yourself x I fall for them all the time! Especially the little prayer😻

    4. I use the witch hazel, water and tea tree oil for my skin, everyday. Now I’m going to use it for my mat!

    5. Greetings from Greece, Adriene! I just wanted to thank you for being so sweet and amazing, and for giving me the inspiration/motivation I needed to take up yoga and have fun with essential oils 🙂 Keep up the good work! You have definitely earned yourself a fan in this part of the world! Namaste!

    6. I am so happy to find your channel. I signed up for the Yoga revolution and started to research how to maintain the yoga mat when I found you, again! So, I went to Whole Foods and voila! Picked up most of everything I needed (except the distilled water, I was rushing and realized it as I was driving away). So, at work I completed this amazing concoction and I immediately felt happy, so weird, really! I wish I had know about how amazing aromatherapy is! So, I just wanted to say, Gracias, Adriene! Thank you so much! You made my morning, and I have not done any yoga, yet. I am very excited about this lifestyle change, and to find such a dedicated and altruistic person, like you, is reassuring about the path I am on. I cannot say it enough, Gracias, Adriene!!

    7. Does it need to be alcohol free witch hazel? Also can I use boiled water that has been cooled instead of distilled? Thanks 🙂

      1. Clare linaker distilled water is also free of salts, which may leave traces on the mat after a lot of applications if you use regular boiled water.

    8. Hey Adriene! Would you recommend using these sprays on linens to make them smell nice? As someone who has trouble falling asleep, I think the lavender spray would be super helpful! I just don’t know if the witch hazel would bleach the fabric or not. What do you think?

    9. amazing idea! I’m going to get some pals around and have a little crafting evening where we make some. I love love love lavender … lovender? I did it.

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