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    Bột Yến Mạch Nào Được Ưa Chuộng Nhất Tại Mỹ

    So this was a roller coaster of a week! Here is the truth behind food obsession, the ups, the downs and the middle.

    Do you want to lose weight? Don't know where to start? Here are my 5 easy tips for beginners! I have lost 147lbs naturally and here is some of my well earned advice!

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    My weight loss journey has been documented here on YouTube.. everything from starting 6 years ago, losing 147lbs, having loose skin, tummy tuck surgery and now maintaining my weight successfully pretty much every day. Please subscribe if you would like to join my for the journey……

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    39 Replies to “What I Eat To Lose Weight, Food Obsession & Live Weigh In | LoseitlikeLauren”

    1. Was watching this when I woke up this morning at like half eight. You proper motivated me and inspired me to get my bum in gear. So instead of lying in bed watching more YouTube and falling back to sleep. I got up weighed myself done a wee bit of zumba and then 20 minutes on my exercise bike. I’ve started this day off so well and that is thanks to you. I just need to keep myself motivated now. 😛

    2. Lauren honey, I don’t own a toaster…because I would make myself a ‘loaf of toast’ every single day if I had one. Bless you honey #thestruggleisreal

    3. I don’t know how to express how much I love your videos. It’s so good to see someone else who struggles with food.

      1. Oh I just reread that. It’s not great that you also struggle but, that you share everything with us. I’ve been training for 4 years and although I’m gaining in strength my weight not so much. I just finished a PT session and it was great/hard. You are amazing Lauren

      1. Lauren, try a protein bread. do yall have that in england? i get mine from wholefoods and trader joes. Its sprouted grain bread, all protein. Also, love u and ur mom. i binge too. most of us do. its ok. just pic up and keep going. 4 lbs was great. happy for u. xoxo from new orleans, la

    4. Well I did comment yesterday and watched the whole video. lol. But I wanted to say you are “perfectly imperfect”. You are an amazingly badass woman and love watching your videos. You are so positive and even when you are down you are truly an amazing person. Your mom makes me smile every time I see her. She must be where you get your amazingness! 💗 you Lauren!

    5. Your rice, asparagus, corn sausage meal is exactly what I ate on my plan the other day! I totally relate to the red mist you’re talking about. It’s like a carnal thing where the animal comes out and consumes all! Splooge sausage looks good. lol Your mom’s reaction to your loss was brilliant. Great job, lauren you’re killing it. You’ve done so great this past month and while there were setbacks, you kept charging forward and have made great progress. That takes courage, strength, and determination which you have all three in spades. Smashing! Two thumbs up!

    6. I’m beyond grateful for you even skimming the top of the issue with food obsession. It’s hard to confront. It’s harder to put out there on YouTube for the world to judge. My vlogs are not about weight loss but I do talk about it some. Not nearly as bravely as you!! I love your channel and I appreciate the honesty. 😘

    7. I love how you share your ups and your downs!! You’re a huge motivation to so many people =) Love your mummy too, she’s adorbs

    8. I am struggling I was 356 down to 320 my body is changing bit by bit what’s your best advice on the best exercises and best way to burn fat I want to get in my two this year.

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