Yoga Camp Day 4 – I Awaken

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    Yoga Camp – Day 4 is here with the mantra I AWAKEN. This yoga practice is a tune in, a check in – a wake up call. Notice your breath and shake it up. What do you want to awaken? Move with intention and you trim and tone. Wake up the body, find support, build strength and soothe your soul. Time to stir the pot, move the furniture. Trust it and enjoy!

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    32 Replies to “Yoga Camp Day 4 – I Awaken”

      1. janet williams Me too!! I did this last year but am enjoying it so much more now after REvolution.

      1. janet williams in the email from day 31 of REvolution it is a link to get although I did it and I haven’t received an email yet for Yoga camp. I did however receive my first weekly newsletter, which I enjoyed reading. That link was in that same email.

    1. I decided to have an at home spa day today and this was a perfect fit with all the other things I’ll do. 🙂 It was lovely.

    2. Today was a bit of challenge, still not feeling good, cold is beating me down🤒🤧🤒🤧, but I still got on the mat, felt somewhat better near the end. Be glad when I’m back to feeling like myself again.

    3. I’m from the Revolution and this is just as great. I really enjoy seeing the progress you get from practicing regularly – today I did my first full jump from plank to forward fold! I’m so greatful 🙂

    4. My heels touched the floor in downward dog for the first time! 👊 I am long way off touching my nose to my knee but that is my next goal. Namaste to all fellow yogis out there, wherever in the world you are. Hugs from England!

      1. Trey Hurley Nice one Trey! I love being able to see (and feel) the benefits of yoga, I’m pleased you’re experiencing the same!

      2. The same thing happened to me! Today I can touch my toes for the first time from a standing position, I also touched my heels for the first time during downward dog, but nose to knee seems a long way off. Thanks for the encouragement!

    5. I have been bodybuilding for five years and after my injuries yoga is my favorite thing to do. I incorporate yoga more than I do with weights at the gym. It’s hard lifting weights playing basketball being sore and tight all over the place and only being 5 foot nine and almost 200 pounds

    6. Hello from Australia to all those around the world! Great to be with you-the time may differ but the practice stays the same.
      Much love to all xo

    7. Thank you Adriene for making this Yoga Camp, it’s the hardest physical activity I’ve ever done and it kicked by butt in the beginning. I’m finally on Day 4 but it took me 8 days to get here. Also, I love your personality and in some way we are the same…I say vit-a-mins too 🙂

    8. Newbie yogi here and day 4 really turned it up a notch for me, letting me know what fun is yet to come! Looking forward to it. Thanks Adriene x

    9. As I began my sun salutations the sun came up over the trees and shone on my face the whole time. An amazing start to my day

    10. Started with 30 days of yoga with you, now I’m here. Ty for doing this. Your yoga has been of tremendous help to me. I’m a Martial Artist, been practicing over 12 years. That, and the Marine Corps, has done a real number on my back, but thanks to you I am, relatively, pain free. My Jiu-jitsu has never been batter. I will keep following your instruction.
      With much love and respect
      – Iron Buddha

    11. My favorite thing to think in ‘heart to knee pose’ is sending my ankle love and willing to give it a kiss. I don’t even think that’s anatomically possible with a straight knee but it seems to help me find the right angle stretch for my body. I’ve been having some ankle trouble so it’s a bonus to picture it surrounded by a glowing ball of honey colored light, getting all healed and stuff.

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