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I've been getting lots of questions about yoga for hamstrings so this video is all about hamstring flexibility and creating a full body experience. Find ease as we increase flexibility and stability in the backs of the legs and stretch the full body.

This sequence is also great for stretching and supporting the back and relieving tension in the neck. Build awareness of the sit bone to heel connection and how to integrate breath to find what feels good and enjoy your practice!

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21 Replies to “Yoga For Hamstrings | Yoga With Adriene”

  1. Feeling a bit dispondant this morning. I thought my hamstrings were starting to relax until I did this sequence. It would appear not as I could not straighten my legs in a few of the stretches.

  2. Thanks for the video! I have MS and am currently experiencing spacisticity in my ham strings and calves. This was just what I needed to loosen them up! Love the channel!

  3. thanks so much for this video…my hamstrings really needed this stretch today. Love your videos Adriene, follow you religiously.

  4. This is exactly what I needed! Currently trying to undo 26 years worth of hamstring tightening 😩 Thank you!!

  5. I have been talking about doing Yoga for so long now, i just didn’t feel too comfortable joining the Mums at the local school on a Monday night.

    In preparation for running the London Marathon on April 23rd, you’re videos have help to give me a sense of peace in my preparation and have helped me to stretch up before, after and in between my running.

    Thank you so very much Adriene for these videos, they are just brilliant and so are you ! xx

  6. Tight hamstrings have plagued me all my life. I plan to come back to this video over and over! Thank you Adriene!

  7. I have been doing this practice every day twice a day for two weeks now in addition to staring the #yogarevolution 12 days ago. I am really dedicating myself to self-care within my fitness journey for the first time ever. I like finding what feels good and I am really learning to honor myself where I’m at as opposed to pushing to get into a shape.

    I am (very) slowly seeing tiny progress in most of these stretches (i love celebrating the small victories!!) but the “runners stretch” with 1 leg bent and 1 leg straight is not pretty for me. I have to start with my upper body fully vertical and then i lean a few inches forward on the exhale. I feel a really strong pull in my buttocks and lower back when I do bend a little bit. Does that tightness another area I can work on relaxing in addition to the hamstrings (since it’s all connected!)?

    Thanks Adriene 🙂

  8. If i have shakes while doing a stretch but feel comfortable should I release tension or is it okay to continue doing a stretch while shaking?

  9. Lovely video, Adriene! Thanks to you I know automatically smile whenever I do yoga, if in class or here on youtube. Thank you:)

  10. Thank you so much for this, Adriene! I have cerebral palsy and my hamstrings/knees are what give me the most trouble. I really appreciated your clear modification suggestions! Do you have any suggestion for an alternative move when you do the forward bends over a straightened leg (around 13 mins)? That was the only part that I found my body didn’t like. Grateful to have found your channel today 🙂

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